Estate support

Welcome to SmartCane for Estates

At SmartCane, we understand the challenges sugarcane estates face in managing multiple fields and optimising resource allocation. Our comprehensive solution is designed to enhance your agronomic management and maximise crop growth and yield. After the Smartcane team gathers GPS points of the stressed areas in your field and historical yield data, you can relax and let the process unfold. You will automatically receive weekly maps accompanied by personalized advice and phone calls. With SmartCane for Estates, you can access valuable insights and tools that empower you to make informed decisions and drive efficiency in sugarcane production.

  • Weekly Overview Maps

    Get a birds-eye view of your fields with our easy-to-use, phone-friendly PDF maps. These maps provide valuable insights into growth patterns and heterogeneity across different areas of each field, enabling you to monitor and predict crop growth effectively. Identify areas experiencing crop stress, reduced growth, weed infestation, or nutrient deficiencies at a glance.

  • Resource Allocation Optimisation

    Allocate your limited resources, such as seeds, water, time, and manpower, more effectively. Our overview maps help you prioritise necessary actions for different sections of each field, ensuring optimal resource utilisation and cost savings.

  • Accurate Yield Forecasting

    Leverage our satellite data and sophisticated yield prediction models to monitor crop growth several months before the intended harvesting date. Based solely on historical yield data, our accuracy for predicting crop yield is within a range of +/- 7 tons per hectare. Make informed decisions about harvesting fields based on accurate yield forecasts, enabling you to streamline your operations and plan ahead.

  • Timely Input Data for the Mill

    Stay ahead of the game by providing the mill with timely input data regarding the order of harvesting fields. This seamless flow of information ensures efficient processing and reduces delays, benefiting both your estate and the mill.

  • Enhanced Decision-making

    With SmartCane, you have access to comprehensive reports on crop stress, weeding alerts, irrigation support, and growth and heterogeneity indexes. These insights enable you to make data-driven decisions, improving overall field management and optimising your agronomic practices.

  • Outgrower Technical Support

    In addition to estate support, SmartCane also provides Outgrower Technical Support. We understand the importance of supporting the farmers associated with your estate. Our team of experts offers technical assistance, training, and guidance to the outgrowers, ensuring they receive the necessary support to optimise their sugarcane farming practices. By fostering strong relationships and providing comprehensive support, we help you create a thriving ecosystem that benefits both the estate and the outgrowers.

Demonstrations to Experience the Benefits

Curious to see the power of SmartCane in action? We offer demonstrations for a portion of your estate, covering 200 hectares for 6 months. You can reach out to us to request a demonstration tailored to your needs, considering the conditions that apply. This hands-on experience will showcase how our service can revolutionise your estate management and help you achieve your desired results.

Why Choose SmartCane?

  • Tailored Solutions

    We understand that every estate is unique. SmartCane offers versatile modules and a technical-toolbox that allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether you have a large estate with centralised management or operate under an outgrower scheme, our solutions can be personalised to suit your requirements.

  • User-Friendly Approach

    Unlike our competitors who rely on complex, internet-heavy dashboards, we believe in simplicity and ease of understanding. Our weekly overview maps and SMS messages deliver complex information in a straightforward and accessible manner. You and your team can access and interpret the data offline, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical information.

  • Personalised Weekly Consultations

    At SmartCane, we go the extra mile to ensure your success. As part of our Estate Support service, we offer personalised weekly consultations with our expert team. During these interactive calls, we discuss the latest maps, trends, and insights related to your estate. We provide you with valuable guidance and recommendations based on the data gathered, empowering you to make strategic decisions that drive your estate's performance forward.

  • Local Language Support

    We recognise the importance of effective communication. SmartCane provides information and agronomic advice in local languages, eliminating language barriers and enabling clear understanding and action. We aim to ensure that all members of your estate can act and communicate based on the same understanding.

  • Expert Support and Ambassadors

    Our team consists of academically trained experts in agronomy, data analytics, remote sensing, and digital solutions. We also recruit ambassadors from local communities who serve as a vital link between SmartCane and farmers. These ambassadors, being active field workers and cooperative members themselves, offer support, facilitate communication, and ensure regular data collection and examination in targeted areas.

  • Tailored Solutions and Continuous Updates

    At SmartCane, we are committed to providing solutions that are specifically tailored to your estate's requirements. We understand that each estate has unique challenges and goals. Our team of experts continuously updates our service to incorporate the latest advancements and insights in sugarcane farming. We are also flexible in including specifically tailored features to meet your estate's needs.

  • Affordable Pricing and Flexible Options

    SmartCane for Estates offers competitive pricing that is designed to meet the needs of sugarcane estates of all sizes. Our base pricing starts at 25 EUR per hectare per year for estates with a minimum size of 2000 hectares. However, we understand that larger areas or long-term agreements may require additional flexibility. That's why we are open to discussing customised pricing options for estates with larger areas or multi-year contracts.