At SmartCane, we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and integrating social and governance considerations into our operations. We recognise the importance of ESG metrics in measuring our impact and ensuring a sustainable future. Here's how our project and proposed services align with ESG metrics.



By providing farmers and estate staff with valuable insights on when and where to apply inputs, SmartCane reduces the likelihood of over-application and minimises waste. This optimised approach leads to fewer lost inputs, conserves resources, and reduces environmental impact.


Our support for organic agriculture encourages biodiversity around farms and promotes healthy soil life. By avoiding chemical pesticides and fostering organic practices, SmartCane contributes to preserving biodiversity, including beneficial insects, pollinators, and wildlife.

Carbon Sequestration

Organic sugarcane production facilitated by SmartCane acts as a carbon sink. Through the sequestration of carbon dioxide in the soil, organic sugarcane cultivation helps mitigate climate change. It also presents opportunities for farmers to participate in carbon credit programs and receive recognition for their sustainable farming practices.


Job Creation (Direct)

SmartCane creates direct employment opportunities for outgrower communities. By providing training, technical support, and employment in various roles related to sugarcane production, we contribute to the economic growth and well-being of local communities.

Job Creation (Indirect)

Increased productivity resulting from using SmartCane's services translates into improved income for outgrower estates and fosters economic development in sugarcane areas. This, in turn, supports job creation and stimulates local economies.

Local language

SmartCane recognises the diversity of our farming community. We provide support in local languages to ensure clear communication and understanding of agronomic advice, instructions, and updates. Our goal is to empower farmers with information in a language they are most comfortable with.


Accounting/Disclosure Transparency

SmartCane ensures transparency in accounting and disclosure processes. By providing farmers with insights into expected biomass production per hectare, we enable them to assess whether they are being fairly compensated for their efforts. This transparency enhances trust, fairness, and accountability in the agricultural value chain.