About SmartCane


An innovative spinoff

SmartCane is an innovative spinoff from the Resilience Network, which includes Smartfarming BV and IRIPO Lda. At SmartCane, we are driven by a passion for agriculture, academic knowledge, and the embrace of digital solutions. With 15 years of experience in the agricultural sector, our main objective is to drive positive social change by empowering farmers and revolutionising the approach to sugarcane farming.

Making a Meaningful Impact

Our focus goes beyond technology; we are committed to making a meaningful impact on society. By providing accessible and user-friendly tools that enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability, we strive to uplift farming communities. Our mission is to contribute to local economies, food security, and the overall well-being of communities.

Comprehensive Solutions for Sugarcane Farming

SmartCane offers comprehensive solutions designed to optimise sugarcane farming operations. Our offerings include agronomic insights, smart monitoring systems, and personalised assistance. We are dedicated to delivering value to farmers by equipping them with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Resilience B.V. and SmartFarming B.V.

Resilience B.V. specialises in researching and managing complex, interdisciplinary agricultural projects in development contexts. With expertise built over the past 15 years, Resilience has successfully implemented agriculture and water projects in various countries. Our services and projects prioritise user-centred analysis and advocate for environmental and social sustainability.

In addition, SmartFarming B.V. develops easy-to-use mobile applications for farmers. These applications provide practical information to improve productivity, income, and the adoption of sustainable agricultural methods. We have developed three apps in local languages for coffee, potato, and cotton cultivation, benefiting over 10,000 users.

Our vision

We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for agricultural development. Our vision is to create a resilient world where people can lead happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives while effectively managing the pressures on natural and social systems. We believe that by helping out-growers increase their yields and adopt sustainable practices, we can alleviate the strain on natural resources and have positive social impacts.

We aim to develop user-friendly platforms that facilitate knowledge transfer from experts to farmers to achieve our vision. We provide comprehensive support throughout the agricultural value chain by leveraging user behaviour tracking, expert insights, crop and market models, and customised reports.

Making an Impact

SmartCane fills a crucial gap in the smallholder production value chain. We are determined to significantly impact the agricultural sector and contribute to sustainable development for smallholder farmers worldwide. We continuously test our hypotheses and make rapid adjustments, learn from feedback, and pivot our business model to meet the real needs of smallholders.

What Sets Us Apart

Supporting All

Simplified Approach

Focus on Actual Growth and Data Collection

Personalised Services

We provide satellite-derived information and agronomic advice in the local language, empowering all members to act based on the same understanding. Our local ambassadors serve as a vital link, offering support and facilitating communication between SmartCane and farmers.

Unlike complex, internet-heavy dashboards, we deliver information in a user-friendly manner through SMS messages for farmers and comprehensive maps for estate management. Our solution ensures simplicity, ease of understanding, and offline access.

Instead of demanding extensive field data from farmers, we utilise an app that enables our ambassadors to collect field data for model verification. This approach reduces the burden on clients and ensures accurate and reliable results.

We understand that each client has unique requirements. To cater to diverse agroecological zones and operational models, we offer a versatile "technical-toolbox" with various modules, tailoring our services to meet specific needs.


Meet the Team

Our team consists of academically trained experts in agronomy, data analytics, remote sensing, digital solutions, user experience, and product development. Leveraging our deep understanding of agricultural practices and cutting-edge digital technologies, we develop robust solutions tailored to the specific needs of cane farmers. Meet our team:


Timon Weitkamp

With expertise in remote sensing and data analytics, Timon leads our efforts in harnessing the power of data to provide valuable insights and optimize farming practices.


Jelle van de Akker

Jelle specializes in digital solutions and user experience, ensuring that our products are intuitive, user-friendly, and tailored to the needs of farmers.


Abigail Asamoah Sarpong

Abigail has a background in Development Economics. Currently, she is supporting projects that aim at sustainable agricultural production, digital inclusion and Monitoring and Evaluation among smallholder farmers.


Nelson Marula

Nelson is a GIS and data expert. He is responsible for data collection, analysis and storage. He also works on managing IRIPO – a communication platform that delivers agricultural extension services.


Gertjan Becx

Gertjan brings his extensive background in agronomy, entrepreneurship, and serves as the Director of Resilience BV, contributing to our focus on sustainable farming.


Daniel Levelt

Daniel leads our product development initiatives, combining his entrepreneurial spirit with a deep understanding of the agricultural industry to create innovative and practical solutions for farmers.